Wheelchair And Other “Palusots”

30 05 2012

“Ang Kawatang Nagigipit, Sa Wheelchair Kumakapit”

A few months ago, Malacañang refuted a statement of Chief Justice Renato Corona that the root cause of his impeachment was the Supreme Court’s adverse decision on the Hacienda Luisita owned by the President’s family.

Presidential Spokesperson Edwin Lacierda vehemently denied and stated that the root cause of Corona’s impeachment was Corona’s “lapdog loyalty” to former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo as shown by the High Court’s issuance of the TRO against the watchlist order on the former President.

Now that the Impeachment trial is over, many would have to agree  that Corona indeed takes after his “master” for following her “wheelchair” strategy to fish for sympathy.

When all “technicalities” failed, go for the “underdog” approach.


Excuses. This, in a word, was how Ilocos Rep. Rudy Farinas – as member of the House panel prosecuting Chief Justice Renato Corona – characterized the defense of the chief magistrate in the concluding impeachment trial.

“Huwag tayong padadala sa palusot at padrama ni Chief Justice Corona.”

He could have also added,

“Huwag rin tayong padala sa mga palusot ng Chief defense counsel Estelito Cuevas na hindi niya alam ang meaning ng “culpa“. Baka “kup*l” alam siguro niya.”

Gusto Ko, Happy Ka!

Senator Juan Ponce Enrile will be written in the history books of  “bonggang-bonggang” caliber thanks to his fair and firm handling of the impeachment trial of Renato Corona! We salute him! Even Harvey “Mr. Anonymous” Keh, Kaya Natin Movement for Good Governance and Ethical Leadership lead convenor, praised Enrile eventhough he was almost cited in contempt for trying to influence the Impeachment Court by delivering documents from another “anonymous” source.

Meanwhile, Bongbong Marcos, Joker Arroyo, and Miriam Defensor-Santiago would also be remembered. They will be remembered as “Ang tatlong itlog na senador na pinaninindigan at pinoprotektahan ang sarili nilang mga interes na taliwas sa pulso ng taumbayan! Ok lang sa kanila ang sinungaling! Ok fine! They’re probably not running for reelection.”

MAD and BAD Trio

Marcos , Arroyo and Defensor-Santiago aka M.A.D.

Pwede rin Bongbong, Arroyo and Defensor-Santiago aka B.A.D.

Joker once said pag BAD ka, Lagot ka….I think now its” Pag BAD ka, Sagot kita.

For Miriam, I would recommend: “Pag MAD ako, magtakip na kayo ng tenga ninyo!”

For Bongbong: “MAD na ako. Ilibing nyo na kasi tatay ko sa sementeryo ng mga bayani. Mga BAD talaga kayo, noh!”


Senator Lito “Mambabatas na inaming wala siyang alam sa batas” Lapid said he was voting by just using his “konsensiya” or conscience. He admitted he was just a high school graduate who knows less of the law and lacks the expertise to speak English. But this guy went trending in tweeter and social networks for giving the “most humbling” speech.

Deputy Lead Prosecutor Rep Rodolfo “Rudy” Fariñas commended Lapid, who cited Fariñas’ “palusot (excuses) speech as a factor that convinced him to convict Chief Justice Renato Corona.

In explaining his vote, the action star-turned-senator said Fariñas’ closing arguments clearly showed that Corona violated the Constitution when he failed to declare his dollar and peso bank deposits.

Nakakataba ng puso,” (It is flattering). I think Senator Lito Lapid represents a great bulk of our people.” said Fariñas

Well, that’s bad news…”Nakakapanghina ng loob na malaman na” a great bulk of our people would now be referring to pie charts as “picha pies”.

Isa Pang Buhay, Panginoon!

Miriam Defensor Satiago used most of her long-winded peroration to scold the prosecution and even her fellow senators with her ear-splitting voice as she explained her interpretation of the constitution and the law.

She pointed out that she’s the only former judge in the Senate and also cited her appointment to the international court, maybe to justify her ex-cathedra statements.

And then she shouted “I am insulted by the way your minds run!”

I’m sure many would have reacted “It’s the other way around, Brenda!”

“Bawat isa ba sa inyo walang sala tungkol sa SALN? Panginoon bigyan ninyo ako ng isa pang buhay at iimbestigahan ko lahat isa-isa dito sa Senado at sa House of Representatives. Tignan natin. Pati sarili ko imbestigahan ko. Ang daming loopholes ng SALN na yan bakit hindi kayo umimik noon?”

Defensor-Santiago should have said: “Panginoon, bigyan mo ako ng isa pang buhay. Iimbestigahan ko lahat. Pati sarili ko iimbestigahan ko. Pati si PNoy iimbestigahan ko. Lahat ng tao dito sa gallery iimbestigahan ko. Pati ikaw Panginoon iimbestigahan ko. Pati utak kong hilong-talilong iimbestigahan ko na rin.”


“I’m so proud of those 20 who voted for conviction…PATAS LANG TALAGA KAMI SA BATAS.” – Delsa Flores
(natanggal na empleyado ng Supreme Court dahil sa hindi paglagay ng sari-sari store sa SALN)

“Pasensya na po.. Pasensya na po. Ang hatol ko sa inyo, GUILTY.” – Senator Lito Lapid

” PICHA PIE ka ba? Kasi CRUST kita eh” – Boy Pickup

“Actus non facit reum nisi mens sit rea.” The act does not make a person a criminal unless his mind be criminal. – Tatay Ko

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